Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baton Rouge: where boredom goes to die - Louisiana Marathon 2013 Expo and Pre-race

I added the Louisiana Marathon to my race schedule when they offered $20.12 off registration during the Olympics!  I just can't pass up a good deal.  I originally planned to go by myself (per my usual), but I talked SJ into joining me when we were at the Dallas Marathon expo!  I'm sneaky like that!  I then recruited my other crazy friend JB (who I ran Chicago with) into joining us after the Blues Marathon by telling her that she could be a Maniac if she also did the Louisiana Marathon (2 marathons within 16 days).  She was sold after seeing the cat on the shirt!  I also talked another friend into this race after her target marathon sold out, but she didn't drive with us.  We also knew a few other people that would be running either the half or the marathon.  Yes, I just wasted up to two minutes of your life by explaining all that to you.

The drive to Baton Rouge was short and uneventful.  Once we dropped our stuff off in the hotel room, we made our way to the expo, just a short walk along the river.  

They were so not excited to get their picture taken.

I was pretty excited about this race because it was supposed to have lots of "Maniac perks", like a personalized bib with MM#, special ribbon for your medal, VIP area, special gear check, etc, etc.  I learned about all these perks too late and was told that I would not be able to get a special bib since they had already been ordered, but I would be able to get all the other stuff.  BUT, to my surprise, when I got to the expo, they had somehow gotten me my bib with my Maniac number and name on it.  Nice, TLM.  Nice.  

MM6204 bitches!

The expo was small (but had all the necessities) and we really didn't need anything, so we walked back to the hotel along the riverfront and explored a little.  We came across this interesting looking thing........

What the heck is this???
Trying to read the sign to figure out what it was that we were standing on.  It was a cruise ship dock FYI.
Downtown Baton Rouge
Weird art at the Old Capitol.
Old Capitol.  Lots of construction.

We quickly learned that there is not much to do in downtown Baton Rouge.  We had plenty of time to kill before dinner, so we stopped in PJ's for a cup of Joe and sat outside since it was a lovely day.  Not 10 minutes later someone sits down next to us smoking a cig.  Yucky.  No thanks.  We quickly made our exit.

Tasty King Cake coffee.

So we still had lots of time to kill before dinner so we sat in the hotel lobby and used our phones to try to find things to do in Baton Rouge.  We decided to take a drive to explore the LSU campus.  JB wanted to try to find Mike, the LSU tiger, but our search was to no avail.  

Not sure why I took a picture of this since I couldn't possibly care any less about any type of football.
The only tiger we could find.

We were then left with some more time to kill before dinner so we decided to stop by Gambino's Bakery to see if they had any French bread for sale.  JB was quite excited and told us that this French bread is supposed to be like the best French bread ever created.  No luck on the bread front (they were sold out), but SJ grabbed a King Cake and a couple slices of delicious looking cake (corner pieces of course).  This would make for excellent dessert after dinner and pre-race breakfast.  

After leaving Gambino's we were left with even more time to kill before dinner and then just decided that we would go to dinner early.  It was easier than trying to figure out more ways to keep ourselves entertained.  We picked up a few other friends and made our way to Portobello's where I had some delicious Spicy Shrimp Portofino pasta.  Yummy!

This is quite possibly the worst picture of me ever taken.

After dinner, we grabbed a beer in the hotel lobby and chatted for a bit before heading up to our hotel rooms.  As soon as we were in the room, one of the pieces of cake was immediately devoured (minus a small piece of the corner).  It was some good cake.  Wish I had a piece right now as a matter of fact.  We then made a half-assed attempt to lay out our stuff for the race.  Then lights out................

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